Kia Ora. Ko Peter.

This website is made to encourage our collective flourishing by connecting to our shared humanity.

Find something you need here - for you or your organisation. Chance upon insight. Get clarity with guided meditations. Enjoy/dislike some poetry. Play with the people around you. Get excited about collaborating. Find a service that you need.






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โ€œPeter is great with people. He has an open, easy manner and a gift for welcoming and including people.โ€
— Caroline Taylor, Mindfulness for Change Kaitiaki

The value I bring is from embodying my values and the diversity of experiences that I am constantly learning from.

Example: what I learn about commitment as co-founder of Limber Office informs my personal relationships and the commitment I bring to mindfulness or web consulting work.

Example: what I learn about communication from writing poetry brings clarity to relationships with the people I work with.

Example: a common problem I experience and notice in other organisations and people is a fear of reaching out for help and support. This is a big part of the high NZ suicide rate - 606 Kiwis last year weren't able to reach out for the support they needed. I've included a requests page here to prototype and model what positive requests for support look like.

Integrity, effort, kindness, mindfulness (and many more values) are central to all aspects of my life.

Here you can find the gifts and services I offer while getting a sense of how I work and collaborate.