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Ovio Mindfulness One

  • Dev Academy, Level 2 275 Cuba Street Wellington, Wellington, 6011 New Zealand (map)

Ovio Mindfulness One

Enjoy three 60-minute escapes with Ovio’s Mindfulness One workshops.

$95 includes three 1-hour classes, a mindfulness journal and audio downloads.

Mindfulness One courses are a great way to start living a more mindful life. Specifically designed for or anyone wanting clarity in a stressed-out, digitally dependent culture. Learn how to use simple, practical mindfulness techniques to; improve clarity, focus, engagement and productivity; reduce stress, depression, anxiety and irritability; repair sleep, increase energy levels and enhance your well-being, resilience and relationships with others.

What is unique about this course

Grounded everyday life examples used. Evidence based and practical. Non-religious Ongoing support available. Fun and relaxed.

100% Money back guarantee

If you attend your first session and the course is not what you were expecting, we will refund you 100% of the course fee, so long as you let us know within a day of the last session.

Session times and dates

Session One: 12-1pm, Monday 30th October
Session Two: 12-1pm, Monday 6th November
Session Three: 12-1pm, Monday 13th November


Following the Ovio Mindfulness One Course, I will host an optional Koha/Dana Meditation Group

Meditation is a habit that can be challenging to build. I've found a community of practice (meditation groups, friends who meditate) really powerful for supporting the meditation practice I know is so clarifying and enlivening for me.

Following the Ovio Mindfulness One course, I will be hosting a half hour meditation group at the same time and place for five weeks. Each session will be Koha/Dana, I will invite you to pay according to your means and what it is worth to you.

Meditation group will be a half hour facilitated meditation group, with a guided meditation based on a topic then a discussion of experiences - i.e.

You: "My mind was just totally non-stop thinking. I don't feel like I'm meditating at all!"

Me: "Ok, that's ok, I often experience that too. Those meditations are as important a part of developing new neurological pathways as the meditations where you experience crystal clarity and stillness. It's not the experience you're having, it's how you're relating to it that is important. If you notice a lot of thoughts it's ok, play with bringing a warmth and kindness to your relationship with that state of fast thoughts"



I warmly welcome questions and feedback: contact me on 02040758702 or at

Later Event: November 10
Auckland Mindfulness for Change hui #1