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Mindfulness Retreat for Leadership, Creativity and Collaboration

Creativity. Problem Solving. Needed now, for navigating our complex lives. Needed now, for creating beauty at work and in our personal lives.
How to access it? In this retreat, you'll learn mindfulness tools to help you access your creativity when you need it.

Collaboration. Collective intelligence. Diversity. To create things more wonderful than you could alone.

To address problems that require more experience, expertise and creativity than you carry. How to navigate the process of working and creating together? In this retreat, you'll learn mindfulness tools to help you collaborate harmoniously, productively and creatively.

Come and create with others.
Invite your family, friends and colleagues for a delightful exploration of creativity together.


$95 includes a three-hour retreat, a mindfulness journal and audio downloads.


What is unique about this course

Grounded everyday life examples used. Evidence-based and practical. Non-religious. Ongoing support available. Fun and relaxed.

100% Money back guarantee

If you attend your first session and the course is not what you were expecting, we will refund you 100% of the course fee, so long as you let us know within a day.


Peter warmly welcomes questions: contact him on 02040758702 or at