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Mindfulness for Stress, Relationships and Leadership

Stress. Anxiety. So common in Aotearoa in these years.

The stress response: Adrenaline & cortisol flood your body. Upper cognitive function shuts down. Emotional awareness shuts down. Digestion shuts down. Vision narrows.

Is this an adaptive response to the stressors in your life?

This course offers practical mindfulness tools to ease out of your stress response and step back into your intellectual and emotional abilities.


Relationships. Kindness, Compassion. Communication.

Deepen your kindness and compassion with mindfulness. Communicate from consideration, not reaction. Nurture and grow your connections.


Wisdom. Navigating the complex socio-economic world of 2018.

Make space to access your own wisdom to make wise decisions and learn from less wise ones...


$95 includes three hour-long sessions, a mindfulness journal and audio downloads.


What is unique about this course

Grounded everyday life examples used. Evidence-based and practical. Non-religious. Ongoing support available. Fun and relaxed.

100% Money back guarantee

If you attend your first session and the course is not what you were expecting, we will refund you 100% of the course fee, so long as you let us know within a day.


Peter warmly welcomes questions: contact him on 02040758702 or at