“Peter is great with people. He has an open, easy manner and a gift for welcoming and including people. He is an excellent facilitator.

Peter is impressive and multi-talented.
He gets things done. He quickly built our stunning website and our easy to use member’s directory. He project managed our last Hui using excellent agile skills.

He’s highly creative and a natural innovator that quickly adopts the latest approaches. Peter easily takes initiative and I trust him to deliver what he promises to a high standard.

I highly recommend Peter!”
— Caroline Taylor, Mindfulness for Change Kaitiaki
Thanks so much 🙏
Inspired by you, I gave up my expectation of what my drawing should look like and had fun drawing without attachment to the outcome - a wonderful feeling of playfulness emerged. Thanks for being a creativity catalyst 💜
— Cheryl Strawbridge, Founder of Ovio Mindful Solutions.
On behalf of Toru Education, I contracted Peter Jacobson, to support me in
setting up a simple website, using square space. He is a qualified coder and
generally well versed in all tech things, The overall request was to help the set up
of the website and then to train me to keep the website maintained and updated
myself. It involved five hours of intensive personal ‘face to face’ coaching.

Peter had a hugely sensitive approach to my needs. He quickly became aware of
my lack of confidence to get engaged in such a tech task, as I am of the older
generation who hasn’t grown up with it all. I surprised myself totally enjoying it
all. And that is to Pete’s credit! He fully empowered me to ‘be in the driver’s seat’
myself, as quickly as possible. I gained confidence real quickly and woke up to
how user-friendly such website templates are. I would never have ‘entered’ this
space on my own.

I am super pleased with the outcome – see www.toru.nz! It is easy to say ‘you can
google it!’ but I deeply valued the ‘face to face’ personal and individual coaching
and teaching and that is what I received from Pete. I am very grateful. The
increased confidence means that I now often do ‘google’ things I wish to learn
and I now can figure out a lot of things myself. It is all a matter of confidence.

I can warmly recommend Peter Jacobson for such contracts of individual
coaching in a wider variety of tech matters.
— Doris Zuur, Trustee of Toru Education, www.toru.nz