I'm discovering the beauty of Te Ao Maori: Here's my pepeha - a work in progress...

Ko Tangi Te Keo te māunga

Ko Poneke ki te tonga te moana

Ko iwi katoa tōku iwi

Ko hoa me te whanau tōku hapū

Nō Poneke ahau

Ko Christine rāua ko Michael ōku mātua

Ko Peter tōku ingoa

My mountain is Mt Victoria

My water is the south coast of Wellington

My tribe is all people

My sub-tribe is my friends and family

I am from Wellington

My parents are Christine and Michael

My name is Peter


That's a picture and some words. Here's some more of me:

There's so much that I am a part of creating and sharing. I love honest feedback and co-creation - I'd love you to be involved if there's something you resonate with here!


A viral wellbeing tool


Don’t go back to sleep / A proven, viral peer-peer wellbeing tool that you can use with a friend
My friend Rupert calls me every day and asks me yes/no questions. Then I call him back and ask him yes/no questions. It takes 15 minutes each day and is transforming our lives.
This is the story of how a leadership development tool developed and tested with 1000’s of international executives can be used extremely effectively for growing the wellbeing and leadership ability of you, your family and friends, your colleagues, employees, community and your country.


Read or listen. Delight or dislike, I won't take it personally!


Space for Change, Limber, The Tech Between and other endeavours I'm creating, co-founding, core team or collaborating on.


Spaces to connect with yourself and others, learn and practice skills and expand your sense of possibiliy


More why, what, how, when and who


Stories & Tools

Tales of enquiry - exploring the art of living and giving in this constantly evolving and shifting world of cities, technology and climate change.

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Kind words

What people have said about co-creating with me


I love to co-create - to harness collective intelligence and creativity to design and grow things beyond any individual imagination. Here's what I can bring to the table/


A few of the things that give me energy and have massively helped me on my journey so far.


These are the things I currently need to give the most to the world.


“Peter is great with people. He has an open, easy manner and a gift for welcoming and including people.”
— Caroline Taylor, Mindfulness for Change Kaitiaki

The value I bring is from embodying my values and the diversity of connections and experiences that I am constantly learning from.

Example: what I learn about commitment as co-founder of Limber Office informs my personal relationships and the commitment I bring to mindfulness or web consulting work.

Example: what I learn about communication from writing poetry brings clarity to relationships with the people I work with.

Example: a common problem I experience and notice in other organisations and people is a fear of reaching out for help and support. This is a big part of the high NZ suicide rate - 606 Kiwis last year weren't able to reach out for the support they needed. I've included a requests page here to prototype and model what positive requests for support look like.

Integrity, effort, kindness, mindfulness (and many more values) are central to all aspects of my life.

Let's korero!