An Enquiry into human flourishing

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What do you notice?

What do you Need?





Goes in through your mouth

Down through your stomach

Enzymes and bacteria extract

the vitamins, minerals, proteins,

carbohydrates, and fats

your body needs.

Muscles all along your intestines

slowly push

the ten to ninety percent of unhelpful food

out your colon



Comes in through your nose

down into your lungs, into tiny air sacks

where some oxygen, around five percent of your inhalation

is carried into your blood by hemoglobin proteins.

Your diaphragm contracts

squeezing the ninety-five percent of waste gas back

out your nose.


Information and emotion.

Comes in through your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin.

Is also generated by your brain sparking thoughts as random pathways fire in attempts to make a coherent universe for you to swim about in.

I don’t know about you

but for me

information, emotion

tornadoes around in my brain

as I react to it

and react to it

and react to it


It settles

then is triggered

by a spark, a word, a colour

whirling, swirling, growing.


My brain extracts

the 0.01% useful information


and then


continues stirring the 99.99% of waste:

infomercial junk,

a leftover sour taste

I feel alones

shopping lists,

ordering those presents

am I giving my gifts?

I hope they don’t give up on me.

Wow she’s gorgeous..

I wonder if she’d be into a three

some more bumblebees!

I wish I wasn’t here

I can’t do this

When will they find out I can’t do this

I wish I was bolder

Will I be single still when I’m older…


When I get too full

it spurts out of my mouth

disrupting silence

and people

with inane comments


I don’t shit on the carpet

I don’t exhale in your face

I want to stop exhausting my information and emotional waste

on the female half

of our strange race



like the waste

from my dinner and air

My information

and emotional waste

is more in flow

and in balance too

between partners, family

and friendly care


Meditation, check-ins and journalling

are effective information and emotional laxatives for me.


Who do you talk to?

What gender are they?

Where does your emotional and informational waste exhaust?

Do you know the effect of what you say?

More or Less

Leaving myself alone