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Of this land


My hands are self-sown rocket

from Beka's garden bed

My heart is a navel orange

from Hastings, behind the collapsed old timber shed


My stomach is a kumara

from the fields up Kapiti Coast

My eyes are two fine carrots

Ohakune's favourite boast


Sure these peanut thumbs came

from across the Tasman Sea

and I'm pretty sure these banana knees

weren't grown locally


But my legs are the rangy ram

that butted dad between his eyes

and my mind is all feijoa

grown sweet with spring sunrise


My toes are ten tomatos

from fragrant vines in our glass house

and my arms are free-range eggs

that Nat found hidden in the grass


It only takes 10 years

until you've regrown your whole skeleton

so except for eye lens, heart muscle

and cerebral cortex neurons,


After only a few years


Our blood will be salad dressing

with lemon thrown over the fence by the kids next door

And we'll be made of this land

rain, soil, sun and sand

from our tailbones to our soft skin pores


Raglan, with a friend

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