An Enquiry into human flourishing

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Eyes shut

Eyes open

Eyes shut

Eyes open


Lucid living

Sensing the divine

the daily miracles


a shared touch.

a hot mug of mulled wine


Eyes shut


Dad. I'm sorry I didn’t fix the axe handle.


Eyes open


Low cloud lies down along the hutt valley,

stretching up and away as the hills blue.

There’s snow

on the crisp Tararuas.


Eyes shut


I have nothing to give.

Drain. Suck. Sieve.


Eyes open


I choose a story

where I feel connected and complete

where this sadness in my heart will

guide me to back to my heartbeat


Eyes shut


Another deadline I can’t deliver.

My creations twist and wither.


Eyes open


I know I do

All I can do

to seed good change

to hold my truth

to hold my head high

as I make my mistakes

as I learn from them

as we give and we take

as we paddle these oceans

and we're tossed in the wake

of sickness and injury

of deaths and these fates

that we butter for breakfast

along with our toast

as we choose to grumble or to make the most

of these beautiful bodies

so graceful and strong

of our loving friends

and how we get on

with our passions

no longer blown round

by the fads and the fashions


Eyes shut


It feels like a long time

since I've been touched


Eyes open


I’m literate, clothed

and can get on the net

to learn anything

even how to forget

all the stories I’m given

of separation and fear

like how it's shameful for grown men to shed tears

like how those with no money

drink too much beer

like that some parents don’t care

for their kids

like they CHOSE not to learn

good self care habits


Eyes closed


Stories of inadequacy

Stories of doubt

Stories of breaking, of falling apart


Eyes open


I’m creating a world

full of beauty and meaning

where I bless every meal

and I sing with the seasons

and I choose to see

the good in each person

to embrace this strange world

before death draws my curtain


Eyes shut


What do you feel?

Do you feel?

In your body?

Or are you just a head reel?


Eyes shut



Which second hand novel

are you trapped in?


Eyes shut



If you could, what would you find

here in this room

when you open your eyes?


It's here. 

Will you let it in?


Eyes open