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One and Two


Oh my fine and long haired friend

Don’t ask why, or how it ends

Just hold on and open wide

Let it all

Come inside


And let it all

Go out again

Some to the trees

Some down the drain


Feel the love

And feel the pain

Feel the tension

Feel the strain


Feel the ocean

Between your toes

Sharing with you

All it knows


Feel my hand

Our fingers mingling

Hear the made-up tune

We’re whistling


See the island

Under it’s clouds

Over the sea

Under the stars


See the sand

Stretching and yearning

Rippled by tides

Eternally turning


Feel the warmth

Of our kindled fire burning

Feel it touch your cold face

Yeah it’s learning


Learning to burn

Learning to talk

Learning to crackle

Learning to walk

Over the wet wood

Still full of river

Learning to lick

And to taste and to tinder

These once green and messy

Now smooth driftwood timbers

With their old morepork stories

In their old wooden fingers


Is it ready to roar?

Let’s help it along!

With a shout

And a howl

And a roar of our own!


Or does it just need

A little more coaxing?


Stick here


Twig there


Crafting a shrine,

Building a throne

For the night

For the fire

For all the unknowns

For the simple joy of weaving

These beautiful old tree bones


For the love of our rivers

Of their cold midnight stones

Singing through these mountains

With their hushed and soulful tones


For the love of the fungi

Unseen underneath

For the love of the seeds

Pushing up their first leaf


For the love of the firm ground

Under my feet

For the peaceful acceptance of

My internal retreat


For our mixing of breath

For our mixing of words

For our nuzzling of necks

For our both feeling heard


For our mixing of friends

And our mixing of rivers

For our joining of fires

And now for the sliver


Of morning light


The rising and falling


Waking and yawning


You nuzzle me

A morning kiss too


I’d like to share

Another day

With you.