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Every day I ride in with the tide

on waves of cars

into the city


I draft drawings to make pistons

to lift the arms

of diggers to excavate foundations

to build offices to house teams

to draft drawings...

I notice

my socks are wet in my shoes.

who let the sea in?


5:30pm wash out

waving goodbye to my desk

I flow back to my family




I watch the tides

and my days move in a more

erratic pattern. There are no

ceilings, walls or floors

nothing between me and the

forest of my heart

of your heart

we let our souls sing

and dance together

while we weave, seed and gather


When I’m low, there’s no longer

the suck of tide to pull me out the

window, to pull me from this trance,

this circular remembrance. I fumble for

the rope of clarity with as much kindness as

I can muster

My friend

will you tow me back

to my heart?

I’m drowning in a sea

I’m no longer in




not as helpful as

it used to be


when I shut my eyes

I pray for trust and patience

to see the dark and fear

inside of me

and gently let it…


this is the work

I do now.

For who?

for me.

for my family

for as far I can see this work might even reach you

so too

for the sea

of people lapping the city

who feel something inside stirring

and find themselves

against closed windows

tap tap tapping

against closed doors knock knock and bashing

before they

wash out with the tide


Yes Bandits