An Enquiry into human flourishing

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What do you notice?

What do you Need?


I'll tell you what I want


I want to wake up

to warm sunlight streams

ease filling up my body

from my heart out to my seams

I want bass for breakfast

to dance with our kids

I want to kick you in the pads

to feel fierce love from your mitts

I want vegan protein powder porridge

I want honey in my tea

I want a quickie while we’re dressing

then a bike ride beside the sea

I want to make a touchpoint

if you ever forget

that to give your whole heart

you must also get

and yeah, I want to get well paid

so I don’t feel like a time-bound money slave

I want to express myself

to cry laughter and pain

I want to speak from my heart

To speak my suffering and strain

sieve gold from bullshit

to plug my energy drains

I want to hear and create

what you most want

because that’s what I promised

when we tied the knot

it was a bowline we chose

because it always lets go

and it always holds true

we keep it fresh renew

so let’s go

and make a films

make an app

make a killing

death is given

but there’s work to do

my beliefs still need a grilling

I want a big surf holiday

with my mates

sand in the car

skinny dipping under the stars

I want to feel your body

I want to feel your heat

I want to hear your heart melody

syncopate with my soul beat


Spit it out