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It's hard for people to give their gifts when they can't see where they are needed. I see this problem often on a personal and organisational level. So here's a little vulnerability from me. Here are (some) of the challenges I have at the moment, which I would really value your help with. I need:

Testimonial - 1. noun. a formal statement testifying to someone's character and abilities. Synonyms: recommendation, endorsement, reference. Your experience of my services, contributions, working/collaborating/creating/navigating life/challenges with me
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  1. Testimonials - please provide through the form above. If you've worked with me, I'd love a testimonial to add to this site. About your experience of working with me. About how I provided a service. Your testimonial would really help me by helping people trust me and engage me.

  2. Recommendations/links to Beautiful spaces/rooms/meeting rooms/venues in the Wellington CBD, for hire per hour, where I could host the Ovio Mindfulness One course. Capacity for ten people is the minimum size I need, ideally there would be capacity for up to thirty participants.

  3. An audience and community growing and engagement mentor to help me give valuable gifts to and engage the 1000 people involved in the Drawn in project. So far I've just been focussing on evolving the mindful drawing experience, but it feels like time to start engaging people and getting them excited about the big final exhibition of the 1000 drawings done by people from all walks of life across Wellington. I'm thinking about a newsletter, facebook posts about creativity to build on their first mindful creativity experience, and facilitating some kind of community creativity sharing to highlight and encourage the beautiful diversity of people's creative expression. Open to ideas and I'd welcome collaboration, anyone is welcome to get involved if they have the energy, space and can understand the simple vision of the project - to offer accessible experiences of non-judgemental creativity and self expression.

  4. Someone to help me take Drawn In to the Wellington City (Art) Gallery. It feels like an accessible and large enough space to host the interactive exhibition, which will attract the 1000 people from all walks of life who have participated and co-created the project, as well as their friends, families and colleagues. Or to another accessible and beautiful exhibition space...


📞 020 40 758 702



To give you a sense of how I'm involved in so many projects, organisations and networks, it's because I already have a lot of wonderful help. A lot of it is peer to peer support, which I'm really passionate about. I think there is a lot of potential for more distributed peer to peer support and empowerment, and I want to enable it through story telling, technology and sharing experiments and learnings. 

Here's just a few examples of the support/empowerment I have:

  1. Mindfulness and meditation. Learning about myself and nurturing adaptive behaviours and patterns of thought has been transformative for me. Mindfulness and meditation enable me to form strong, beautiful and meaningful relationships with myself and those around me. This feels like the core of my life.

  2. I get (and give) daily coaching with Chloe Waretini. It's invaluable for navigating the complexity of life, with it's inevitable ups and downs. This is how we do it. I'd love to support you to get this going with someone you know.

  3. I am a privileged white male from a very loving and relatively wealthy family who gave me a great education free of debt. I'm grateful for this privilege, and want to use it to help others with less privilege and make systemic change to level the playing field. I am taking the actions I can to create systemic change so that everyone can experience the opportunities I now have and other beautiful opportunities they didn’t before.

  4. I have wide networks full of people who care about me, to which I can make requests like those above.