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Movement & Postural coaching

Postural Patterning / Foundations of Movement / Learn How To Move With Your Body


Pain? Performance? Ease and Confidence?

Understanding some basics about how your body works can help you bring energy, stability and grace to the things you care about.

Nic has over 30 years experience as a professional Physio. He was dissatisfied with the lack of aspiration and whole body perspective in the Physiotherapy profession. Nic developed the Postural Patterning framework to give clients the tools to go beyond just injury recovery and specific movement optimisation. With tools from postural patterning, you'll get an understanding of your body from foot to crown and be able to find joy, power, stability and care in a range of activities, from meditation to sprinting to gardening.

tools to go beyond injury recovery and specific optimisation

I took Nic Curry's 6 month course to learn some postural patterning tools - enough to get 80% of people to 80% performance (from a likely 10-50%. I'm throwing percentages around here, just to give you a sense of the changes I've seen in myself and others.

Once you're at 80%, if you want continued support to get to 100% you'll have a great base to further develop with professional physios, massage therapists and other professionals.

I can help you to understand yourself with Nic's framework, and give you tools to develop your movement and body from yoga, mindfulness, dance and climbing.

I've discovered great joy in my body and ease in my life and work through Nic's teaching, and have seen many other people experience the same. I am really passionate about helping you feeling amazing in your own skin and am delighted to share these tools and wisdom.

I'm happy to do a free half hour consultation to discover if I'm a good next step for you.


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