Kia ora, I’m Peter.

You have some challenges? Personal? Your work? Organisational?

Yep. Me too.

You also have a range of valuable experiences, skills, wisdom, tools and resources?

Ah! Wonderful! So do I.

The world is changing. To work with the new challenges and opportunities we encounter now often requires deep shifts in perspective. Experiencing these paradigm shifts can feel like plunging through a loop, as we face often avoided discomforts of both challenging realities such as people conflict and the unknown of new approaches and situations.

With mindfulness, curiosity and care I've walked through many deep shifts with organisations, people and myself. I have tools, skills, experiences and resources to ease your journey.

Collaborating, we also have access to huge depth of experience and expertise from capable, collaborative, caring, energised and empowered people in my networks: Mindfulness for Change, Percolab, Enspiral, Compassio, Motif and Ovio Mindful Solutions.

Mindfulness for Change

Mindfulness for Change

Ovio Mindful Solutions

Ovio Mindful Solutions



Enspiral Dev Academy

Enspiral Dev Academy

Together we can discover perspectives and relationships to unlock your challenges and possibilities.



Some questions that have been helpful to me. They can be journalling prompts.


What do I notice right now?



What story am I in? What are other stories?



What ignites the fire in my heart?



What do I love?



What do I care about?

What quality of care do I want to bring to these things? Do I bring the same quality of care to myself?



What are my deeper, wider possibilities?

What are all the possibilities?


What do I need right now?

What do I really, deeply need?



Who do I need to do my best work?



What can I let go of?



Am I giving the gift of giving?

One way is to give the gift of receiving. Can I fully receive?



What can I contribute?



What could we grow?



What could we create?